Karen Yates

Methodist Mansfielf Medical Center

Karen Yates is a well-known speaker in the State of Texas. She teaches at a variety of EMS and nursing conferences. Much of her focus is collaboration between EMS and hospitals to improve patient care and outcomes. She is passionate about a variety of topics including emergency cardiac care, first responder mental health, and nursing resiliency. Karen is the Nursing Clinical Coordinator of the Chest Pain Program and EMS Liaison at Methodist Mansfield Medical Center. Karen holds a master’s degree in Nursing Education from the University of Texas at Arlington as well as several nursing and EMS certifications.

Karen owns a company that specializes in EMS continuing education in the DFW metroplex. She is active as a volunteer with the Dallas Area Crisis Response Team (CISM) and instructor with the First Responder Resiliency Program. Karen is the previous chair of the North Central Texas Regional Advisory Council Cardiac Committee and current member of the Governor’s Emergency Trauma Advisory Cardiac Committee.