L.T. Arnold

Air Lift Northwest

L.T. began his EMS career in Boulder, Colorado in 1992, and his passion for prehospital medicine and outstanding patient care quickly led him to Seattle where he has held various positions along the emergency continuum - from 911 dispatcher to firefighter/EMT, from emergency room technician to flight nurse. L.T. has degrees from the American College of Prehospital Medicine, Shoreline Community College and the University of Phoenix, and is nearing graduation with a Master's in Healthcare Management from the University of Arizona.
L.T.'s hospital nursing background is in pediatric and neonatal critical care with the University of Washington and Seattle Children's Hospital. Spending the last 15 years outside of the hospital, L.T. has been fortunate to provide critical care to patients of all ages during ground, fixed-wing, and rotor-wing transport for both interfacility transfers and direct EMS response. L.T. is currently the Pediatric Assistant Chief Flight Nurse with Airlift Northwest, part of the UW Medicine system in Seattle.