Sylvie Doucet

EMT/Firefighter/Dive Instructor
Expertos RCP

Sylvie Doucet is an internationally trained EMT/Firefighter and Dive Instructor, which requires an extremely high level of dedication and competency. While living in France, she enjoyed the blissful insanity of EMS and Firefighting for 13 years. She realized her passion for teaching and took on the challenge of becoming an instructor. France’s system to attain this position includes training and stiff competition to earn the privilege of training others. She then expanded her scope and began working with special needs populations and managing their rehabilitation. She also found herself drawn to recreational diving as a pastime. 10 years ago, she endured a full year of didactic and physical training in the physiology and physical effects diving has on a person. Only then she was allowed to become open water certified. In 2017 she earned her PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) certification, including Emergency First Responder Instructor. This is an internationally recognized certification and includes Rescue, First Aid, Advanced Open Water, Specialty Certifications and Dive Master Instructor. She has been an instructor in Europe and Central America. Since arriving in Costa Rica, she has noticed a huge gap in knowledge for the layperson in basic first aid. She has recently started a company, Expertos RCP, aimed at teaching the lifesaving fundamentals of CPR, AED and first aid.