Jessica Arno

The Combat Midwife

Jessica has been affectionately dubbed: “The Combat Midwife” by the over 50,000 US Army combat medics, flight medics & SOF medics she has trained. Jessica is a Midwife, Paramedic, & EMS educator who has a palpable passion for teaching. Her moto is to “Server Those Who Serve”. Jessica has spent her entire career doing just that. Her driving force for her students is: empowerment. When a student leaves The Combat Midwife Classroom, they do NOT need her, they now possess the skills for stand-alone success. Jessica’s specialty is “Special Populations”, Ob-Gyn and all things pediatric, and boy does it show! Get ready for some tips and tricks for reducing anxiety and setting yourself and your patients up for success during out of hospital births, pediatric emergencies and so much more!